ELVISki the 2018 American Comeback TOUR

The first show in ELVISki’s 2018 American Comeback Tour will be on February 17th. Where? looks like the Bedford High School Valentine’s Day Dinner-Dance hosted by the senior class for the Senior Citizens in the school district including Bedford, Bedford Hts., Walton Hills, and Macedonia…..NOTE:   ELVISki SECURITY will be at this Event.  Gate crashers WILL BE turned away.

WHAT’s IT ALL ABOUT????  Well Elvis and Stash were jamming on their guitar and accordion and were hit by lightning!  When they awoke in America, Elvis (now ELVISki) plays accordion and Stash now plays guitar!! Boy what a change that was!! Of course ELVISki has “aged” a bit but gives it all he’s got to put on a show!

Don’t miss it……..fun, laughs AND your favorite ELVISki songs

ELVISki’s next appearance will be at Dyngus Day, Monday, April 2, 2018, at the CPPA (Cleveland Police Patrolmen’s Assoc.) on West 58th in CLE!  Sorry but the hall will hold only 250 drinking patrons!  Get there early

There is a “rumor” that ELVISki will appear at the Opening Summer Concert in Bedford in June and also at K&K Meats at a Springtime Outdoor Event in Maple Hts.

     Check back SOON for more info!



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