Accordion Repairs


Brian Slosarik is a personal friend of Ralph and is a professionally trained accordion repair man.  Brian can handle just about any accordion repair including complete restorations!  He can solve your accordion problems to your satisfaction.

Brian is a certified dealer for Guilietti and Scandelli accordions.  He also  sells accordions of various makes,  accordion cases,  straps and backpads in the size that you need.   

If you have an accordion to sell, call and talk to Brian.  He may be interested in purchasing it!

In between repairs, he is working on his web site.  For now you can search get more info here’s_accordion_service.htm

Contact Brian at 330.606.7314 or BRIAN.SLOSARIK@FRONTIER.COM



Gerry has been repairing accordions since 1974. His customers ship their accordions to Gerry from as far away as California and Alaska. A simple repair, complete rebuilding, or reconditioning or tuning of an accordion or button box to your specifications are some of the services that Gerry offers.

He also buys and sells professional accordions and button boxes, and does midi installations.

Contact Gerry at 440-442-4090 or write to him at 1624 Brainard Road, Lyndhurst, Ohio 44124  or reach him via email