Accordion Lessons

Interested in accordion lessons?  I offer lessons on only piano-style accordions.  No chromatics at this time!

My current students range in age up to 76, and all have different interests.  My youngest student  wants to be a “rock star” like me!  He is experiencing mild delusions at this early stage in life!  Other students have various skill levels and some have never played an accordion.

One of my students was blinded at birth and was taught how to play organ later in life.  Then she wanted to learn to play an accordion, and today she is very accomplished.  Learning the bass section was a challenge, but we did it.  She also has perfect pitch, and catches me whenever I play a wrong note or chord!

When we have our first “evaluation” meeting, we will discuss what you want to accomplish. We will review a lesson schedule.  Some students have weekly lessons while others come in every 2 or 3 weeks.  Everyone is busy juggling a million things to do.  Also, a big factor in scheduling lessons is how often you will get to practice.  We can work out a mutually agreed schedule based on both of our availabilities.

If you already have an accordion, we will check it out to make sure that it is good playing order.  If repairs are needed, I will recommend names of repairmen that do all of my work.  If you need an accordion, you can see what I have in stock or what is available from other sources,

We can also access my accordion music library for instruction books and sheet music.  If there are specific styles or songs, we can pick and choose.

Need more information or if you want to get started, call me at 216.406.0609  or email at